Fujifilm Announces Digital Imaging Breakthrough With Its New Super CCD

Super CCD

ELMSFORD, NY -- Oct 20 -- Leading the way, once again, in digital imaging innovation, Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd., in collaboration with its susidiary Fujifilm Microdevices Co., Ltd., today announced the development of a next generation charge-coupled device (CCD) technology that dramatically improves the quality of digital images.

Radically different from conventional CCDs with square photodiodes and pixel arrangments, Fujifilm's new Super CCD has octagonal-shaped photodiodes and pixels situtated on 45-degree angles. The "honeycomb" pattern of the Super CCD increases sensitivity, improves signal to noise ratio and offers a much wider dynamic range, attributes that produce digital images with richer, true to life colors and sparkling clarity.

Digital cameras featuring this new technology are currently in development and product availability is expected in the coming year. Down the road, Fujifilm's Super CCD technology can lead to many exciting new products such as ultra-compact digital cameras and a single product that can capture both full-motion video with digital camcorder quality and megaixel still images.

Super CCD

The new pixel shape and arrangement of the Super CCD offers a number of advantages over the current, conventional CCD. Space efficiency for the photodiode located in each pixel has been dramatically improved by its octagonal shape, and the honeycomb arrangment allows the pixels in the Super CCD to be packed at maximum density. This efficient use of space allows for larger pixels and higher resolutions. As a result, a Super CCD sporting 1.3 million pixels would reproduce the picture quality of a conventional CCD with 2 million pixels.

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