Fuji Japan to Stop Making Black and White Film and Photo Paper

Fujifilm Acros 120.jpg
Film has been dying a slow death for the past twenty years, but it seemed recently that the bleeding was finally stopping. Kodak 35mm cinema film had been saved by a collective of Hollywood heavyweights and 35 camera film, in general, had kind of bounced back as people adjusted to exactly what digital could or couldn't do. 

Digital cameras have reached a point where they're equal and in some cases better than their film counterparts. I say better but that's more so based on the information that modern sensors are able to capture vs what a 35mm piece of cellulose can capture. Black and White film, however, is disappearing almost altogether. Black and White film sales are less than one percent of what they were during peak sales of the 1960s. 

Fuji's last line of Black and White film, the Acros Neopan 120 and 35mm, will soon be no more. They recently announced that October 2018 will be the last time you can get your hands on a new product of the film line. If that wasn't enough, the company is going to stop making B&W photo paper by the end of 2020 as well. This will be the first time in Fuji's 82 year history that they don't make a Black and White film product. 

Now, this is news that has only been announced on their Japanese website, IN Japanese. As the film is all made there perhaps it doesn't have to be announced here as well, but it's kind of odd for something so major to not be announced by Fujifilm North America as well. 

end fuji film time.pngend fuji film time paper.png

The truly sad part about this is the Acros Neopan line of film was absolutely loved by photographers and is considered by some to be the best black and white film that's ever been made.

I guess we'll have to leave it to Kickstarter for some entrepreneurial artists to create and sell their own brand of a black and white film because pretty soon the only way you'll be able to get beloved pieces of old technology is to build it yourself.