For The Photographer Who Has Everything - Digital Camera Soap

Camera Soap.jpg

Do you love cameras?  Would you describe yourself as obsessed?  Are you the kind of person that eats, sleeps and breathes photography?   Then you're the target audience for digital camera soap.  You read that right, digital camera soap.

It's not soap for your camera, but soap for you in the form of a camera.  It's being sold on ETSY and it currently takes the form of an Olympus FE-340, but with one or two modifications.

The maker, Stinky Bomb, has the camera soap available in a variety of colors including blue, purple, pink and green and can be purchased for $10 a bar.  Each color has its own distinct scent, but all are made primarily of olive oil and aloe.

Now when can we start getting some DSLR soap?