For Great Bird Shots, Hernyk Janowski Uses a Swan Disguise

Bird Disguise.jpgWildlife photography can be very rewarding, but also terribly frustrating. It's difficult to avoid spooking the animals, or having them notice you, thereby changing the picture. Wildlife photographer Henryk Janowski came up with a way to make sure the birds he photographs don't notice him, and it's more obvious than you might think - he disguises himself as a swan.

Janowski's swan disguise is actually a floating blind that supports his camera equipment, which not only gives him camouflage but assists in his traversal through the water. Using this method, he's able to capture some truly amazing shots.

"Whenever I swim in my camouflage, I feel at one with nature. You pass birds and beavers at play, undisturbed by human presence," he writes. "This proved to me that I had successfully broken the taboo that the aquatic environment was inaccessible."

(via PetaPixel)