FocalBlade 2 Sharpening Plug-in Now Available for Windows


The first FocalBlade plug-in for Photoshop received a great deal of acclaim from photographers and editors.  After all, it's one of the most versatile sharpening programs available.  The second version of the plug-in brings new features, and a lot more speed.

FocalBlade 2 combines manual and automatic tools to sharpen up blurry photos for display and printing purposes.  It not only sharpens the photo, but simultaneously reduces noise.  There are over 80 preset sharpening setups, but you can also customize and save your own.

The new version of FocalBlade speeds things up a lot.  According to The Plugin Site, FocalBlade 2 renders between 10 and 120 times faster than the previous version.  That's a huge improvement in speed, and it's just one of many improvements.

FocalBlade2 is available for Windows only at a price of $69.95, though an academic/educational version is available at $39.95.