Flickr Revamps the Photo Page - Larger Pictures and More Viewing Options


Flickr is a great place to put your photos online, but it's far from perfect.  Luckily, some much needed improvements have been added to the site, and should make it a far more enjoyable viewing experience.

The most obvious change is that photos on Flickr are now bigger.  Instead of the 500 pixel width of old, photos have been expanded to 640 pixels, which also widens the site a bit.

The new light box view is another nice touch that makes pictures look that much better.  If you're sick of seeing that bright white site surrounding your photos, click the light box view and everything around your image will be darkened, allowing for a much better browsing experience.

The site has also added navigation improvements, an action menu and plenty of functionality for the photographer.  You can find out all the nitty-gritty details at the official Flickr blog.