Flickr Launches Photo Session for Live Slideshow Sharing - Android App as Well

Flickr-Android.jpgSo let's start with the normal stuff so we can get to the fun bit. Flickr has launched an Android app that lets you do the things that you'd expect a Flickr Android app to do. Upload photos, add filters, share across social networks - the usual.

Alright, now here's the good part - Photo Sessions. This is a new feature built into Flickr - and also working on iPhone and iPad - that allows you to invite some friends and flip through photos together. One person controls the slideshow and the others hang back and watch.

Imagine, as the teaser video suggests, that you've just taken a trip and you want to tell the stories behind some of the photos. Call up your friends, log on and flip through the shots while narrating them yourself. It's a pretty slick setup. Check out the Flickr Photo Session info page for more details.

(via PetaPixel)