Flickr Introduces Pro Accounts (again)

In 2013, Yahoo made a lot of changes to the Flickr Account Structure. One of those changes was that Yahoo decided that they would no longer offer Pro Accounts to new users (although they remained active for Pro users that already subscribed to them), since Yahoo started offering 1TB of photo storage at no additional charge to free Flikr Account holders Prior to May 2013, Flickr Pro accounts were offered for $25/Year with unlimited storage.

Of course, Pro users were not happy about it, and Yahoo ended up offering to refund unused portions of Pro Account Fees that users had already paid to get the extra storage and features, while starting to offer other account versions with extra features. For example, Flickr offered an Ad Free Account for $49.99 per year or an account with double the storage at $499.99 with 2 Terabytes.

Now, two years later, Flickr has announced that it is offering a Pro Account with more benefits again. See the June 23 post in the Flickr Blog about it here:

According to that post, the new Flickr Pro includes:
  • New and improved stats, including improved navigation for viewing data on your photos, providing better insight on your most popular and impactful photos.
  • Ad-free experience (both on your own photos and when viewing everyone else's photos)
  • Pro badge highlighted on your account
  • 20% discount on Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan for yearly subscribers*
  • Free standard U.S. shipping on Flickr merchandise or 50% off international shipping ($25 minimum purchase)*
*Only for annual Flickr Pro plan

Flickr members who don't currently have Flickr Pro can purchase it today for $5.99/month or $49.99/year. For Flickr members who have existing Pro accounts, you will automatically be upgraded to the new Pro and keep your existing pricing and unlimited space (additional details available here). Existing Flickr Ad-Free account holders will be automatically upgraded to the new Flickr Pro with no change in price or renewal date.

Please visit for more information on how to purchase the new Flickr Pro.