Flickr Introduces Easy Getty Licensing For Photos


If you've got images up on Flickr and you wouldn't mind making a couple of bucks off of them, you're in luck.  The latest feature introduced by the Flickr folks is "Request to License," which tags your photos for the Getty Images crew to look through and license.

Tagging your photos doesn't guarantee that you'll be able to license them, but it does provide Getty and the people browsing your photos with the knowledge that you're ready to sell. 

There are three different options for the feature.  The first marks the photo for consideration by Getty, which is nice.  The second is a little more useful though, as it displays a visible icon that viewers can click on to request that Getty licenses your photo.

And of course, if you don't want to license your photo through Getty images you can always choose to opt out.  In that case you will not be contacted.