Flickr Adds a New Privacy Measure - Geofences

If you're concerned about privacy on the internet, especially when it comes to your location, then you're probably not sharing your location with a lot of people. Sites like Flickr allow you to show the location of the photo you took based on GPS data, and while that's very cool for travel photography, some folks don't care for it when it hits too close to home.

Keeping that information private is the idea behind Geofences, a new initiative option rolled out by Flickr. It allows you to set dead zones for GPS information so that you don't have to show where you live, where your kids go to school, where you work or anything else you want to keep on the down low.

The use is simple. All you have to do is drag a circle over to an area on the map that you want blocked, set the size and you're done. From that point forward, no photos taken in those areas will pop up on the map.

Just like with normal privacy settings, you can override the Geofence if you'd like.
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