Flash Adds 7 Years and More Revealed in Study

Sexy Panasonic.jpg

Crunching the numbers can sure yield interesting results.  Over at Gizmodo, they did just that with over 500,000 user photos from the popular dating site OkCupid.  There was plenty of interesting data to look at, but some of the most interesting information was broken down by camera.

It goes without saying that in general, photos from cameras with interchangeable lenses were rated higher than those taken by point-and-shoots or camera phones.  Even more interesting, Panasonic Micro 4/3s took the highest rated pictures by far, with Leica point-and-shoots following just behind.  Camera phones took up most of the bottom ranked photos.

There's another chart that's of particular interest is one of attractiveness with and without flash.  The average attractiveness of a 28 year old's photo comes in at somewhere around 0.05, while photos that include the flash drop it to an even 0.  That's the same as the average rating for a 35 year old, by comparison.

The absolute highest rated photos tended to have a very shallow depth of field, putting the subject in sharp focus while blurring out the background.  It may not be a wholly scientific study, but it does shed some light on what people like to see in photos.