Fitness Tech USA Announces 8-Hour Action Cameras and New Dive Lights

Fitness Tech.jpg Fitness Technologies is a company that's all about waterproof gear. They specialize in MP3 players and earbuds, but they're now branching out into cameras.

At CES this week, Fitness Tech will be showing off their new Uwater Action Cameras, designed to provide you with eight hours of continuous use so you can constantly shoot video. The $200 UwaterHD3X is the first camera in the line and it gives you 720p video and is waterproof up to 30 meters deep. The $250 HD55 can handle up to 60 meters and gives you up to 1080p video quality. There's also an HD77 available at $250 but it lacks the underwater skills of the others and doesn't seem to offer anything to make up for it.

Fitness Tech USA has also announced a trio of lights that can handle up to 100 meters depth. They feature an internal triple-action activation switch with no external parts. The UwaterDX line of lights offers up to 2700 lumens brightness and utilize Radial Heat Sink technology to increase effectiveness.