Finally, TV Image Enhancing Done Properly

Once you start getting into photography, you start to notice things. You look at people and objects with a photographic eye, critique lighting decisions and pick out bad technique. But most of all, you start to notice that crime-solving shows aren't all they're cracked up to be.

On almost every one of these shows you'll see a scene that goes something like this. Two people are looking at a picture on a computer, one of them asks for it to be enhanced and zoomed, and then the final clue is revealed in the reflection of someone's eyeglasses. It happens a lot.

Thankfully, the ABC show 'Castle' gets it right, as our friends over at PetaPixel point out. The two investigators seek out an enhanced and zoomed photo and end up with nothing but a blurry and pixelized mess. It's not as exciting to the plot, but at least it makes sense!

Check out the video for yourself over on YouTube.