Film Shortage in UK = Speeders Delight?

There are approximately 6,000 traffic cameras in the UK (called "Gatso speed cameras" there), but ten percent of these still use "film" (whatever that is).  Last year, thanks to the world wide budget crisis, the UK government cut on road safety spending by $60.7 million(£38 million).  In response, many local municipalities decided they would turn off their speed cameras, which then caused wet-film manufacturer, Fujifilm, to cancel a major order of the 35mm film rolls from the plants in Japan.

But things have changed.  The local authorities are no longer planning to keep the cameras off, which means, according to two Autocars sources, many of the Gatso film speed cameras are desperately in need of film, and will possibly "be in short supply until September."  Does this mean the UK is now a free-for-all of red-light running racers?

Perhaps not, the Autocar article claims the Fujifilm supply chain will be back to normal by the end of this month, saying "the police have been ordering as usual, so we are air-frighting supplies to clear the backlog."  Which is a shame, really.  If the budget crisis could have done one thing right, other than lower fuel prices for a couple years, it could have at least helped a few folks avoid a ticket!

Source: Autocar.