Fermilab is Building a 570 Megapixel Monster

The universe has been expanding since the big bang, and rather than slowing down it's been going faster and faster.  The prevailing theory as to why this is has to do with something called dark energy.  The folks over at Fermilab want to finally prove this theory, and to do so, they're creating one of the largest digital cameras ever.

The thirty five million dollar camera uses seventy-four CCD sensors that will be placed into an enclosure roughly the size of a Mini Cooper.  It's being created by a team of international scientists and physicists who hope that the 570MP camera will allow them to chart the light from distant galaxies and supernovas.

Space photography has been improving greatly in the last several years, as digital photography has in general.  The Hubble telescope, for example, has created some of the most amazing images of the cosmos with a 0.6 megapixel (and later a 16 megapixel) camera.

Once the massive digital camera is complete, Fermilab will be using it to map over three hundred million galaxies over the course of five years.  You can read more about photographing dark energy at this link