Fat Gecko Stealth Mount Designed for Low Profile Extreme Sports Photo and Video

The newest release from Fat Gecko is the Stealth Mount, designed to attach Delkin's new WingmanHD camera to your helmet, surfboard or wherever else you'd like to capture some first person extreme action.

It's a low profile mount that's able to hold a camera that weighs up to a pound. It locks on, not with bolts or screws, but with a suction cup that holds it in place. It can rotate 180 degrees and boasts a standard tripod thread so you can simply add on any camera or case you want.

"This is the ideal accessory for extreme sport enthusiasts and POV camera owners that enjoy filming their accomplishments in HD quality," says Delkin's marketing manger Anna Lopez. "The Stealth has been engineered to withstand strenuous environments including strong winds, vibration, force and underwater submersion."

You can pick up the Stealth Mount now for $24.99.