Fantasea Line Releases New FA6500 Underwater Housing for Sony A6500 and A6300 Cameras

FA6500_Front.jpgFantasea Line has just announced a new underwater shell for two of Sony's popular mirrorless ILCs, dubbed the FA6500 Housing. Designed to work with both the Sony A6500 and A6300, this new housing will allow users to take their cameras down to depths as far as 200 feet underwater; while still retaining full access to all of the essential camera features and controls. 

Other features of the new housing include: 
  • Shock resistant construction
  • Ergonomic design
  • Double O-ring protection for a perfect watertight seal
  • Moisture Detector and Alarm, Hand Strap and Body Cap included at no additional cost!
  • Interchangeable lens port and lens gear system is available, allowing for the use of a wide range of lenses
  • Double fiber optic cable port
  • M16 port for a variety of connections, including HDMI, vacuum valve or electronic strobe triggering bulkheads
  • Shutter release extension available for easy access when using housing tray and handles
  • Additional optional housing accessories are available
  • Manufacturer's warranty
  • MSRP of $980 US
Look for this new housing sometime in April, 2017. More information will be posted shortly to the Fantasea and Sony Dive websites.