Famed Spider-Man Photographer Peter Parker Gets Fired

Economically speaking, things are still bad all over.  People are saving money where they can, and avoiding spending on anything that could be considered excessive.  Photographers everywhere are feeling the pinch.  Even fictional ones.

Famed photographer Peter Parker, known in his other line of work as Spider-Man, is getting sacked in the latest issue of "The Amazing Spider-Man."  Apparently, our favorite web slinger will be caught manipulating images which results in him getting the boot.

"He's going to struggle with unemployment and trying to save the city while he can barely afford to keep a roof over his head," says Marvel's Steve Wacker.  Parker will hit up the unemployment line and then start looking for work, presumably doing a bit of freelance on the side.

Finding another job may prove difficult for Spidey.  A bad reputation will mean he'll have a hard time getting real work, and as Wacker puts it, "he's always had the security of falling back on his talents as a photojournalist."

If your client list is getting lighter, or you're just not getting the photography opportunities you used to, don't feel bad.  Even superheroes are having it rough.