Eye-Fi's Expanded Hotspots Are Here


Back in April, Eye-Fi announced its plans to expand hotspot and Wi-Fi availability, and the day is finally here. If you've got an X2 card with Hotspot access, things just got a whole lot easier on you.

The Eye-Fi X2 card - thanks to a partnership with Devicescape - is now capable of accessing personal Wi-Fi hotspots from providers like Boingo, T-Mobile and Vodaphone.   At least, once you do a quick firmware update.

The update is simple enough.  Just log on to the Eye-Fi Helper and the Eye-Fi Center, update your software and your card and you're ready to go.  From there, you can start adding hotspots to your account.

You can add as many as you like - there's no limit to the amount of hotspots you can add to your device. And of course, if you're at a college or university, you can add the campus Wi-Fi  too. You can pick up Eye-Fi hotspot capable cards now for as little as $99 for 8GB.  (Link)