Eye-Fi Pro X2 Cards Add Ad-Hoc Support

If you've got the need to share data wirelessly, Eye-Fi cards are a great way to go.  The new 8GB X2 cards are SDHC Class 6 rated and are 802.11n compatible, but the best thing about the new cards is ad-hoc support.

Earlier Eye-Fi cards required a wireless network.  You had to have a wireless router set up, which made them useful, but not great for on-the-go usage.  The Pro X2 simply requires that you have a way to connect wirelessly, which makes it great for laptops, netbooks, and potentially iPhones and iPads.

In addition, a new version of the Eye-Fi Center application has been launched.  Unlike the older Eye-Fi Manager, there's no need to connect to the internet.  There's also drag and drop support, and a redesigned user interface.

If you're using any Eye-Fi card, you can pick up the Eye-Fi Center application for free now.  The Eye-Fi Pro X2 8GB card will run you $150.  (Currently Available for Preorder at Amazon)