Eye-Fi Adding Hundreds of Thousands of Networks to Hotspot Service

Eye-Fi Hotspots.png
SD cards with wireless connectivity built right in are a great idea, but until recently the Eye-Fi service has been found wanting when it comes to public wireless networks.  Eye-Fi is out to remedy that, thanks to a partnership with Devicescape.

By the end of May, Eye-Fi will be adding "hundreds of thousands" of new networks to its hotspot service.  If you're already an Eye-Fi X2 user with Hotspot Access you'll reap the rewards as soon as they hit.

For starters, you'll finally be able to add your school or university's WiFi credentials to your Eye-Fi account which makes it that much more convenient to upload on the fly.  If you've already got a personal hotspot subscription, you'll be able to add that too, giving you even more freedom.

The best news out of this though, is that Eye-Fi will at last be able to navigate through splash screens, which means you'll have access to open hotspots around the world.

Starting on June 1st, Hotspot Access will be available at the cost of $29.99 a year.  As a limited time offer, if you've got a Connect X2 or Geo X2 you can get in on it for just $14.99.