Eye-Catching, Portable Stability with MeFOTO's New Air Tripods

MeFoto Air.jpg

MeFOTO, known for their colorful and fun selection of tripods, has recently introduced its new line MeFOTO AIR tripods designed to be smaller, lighter, and easier to use all around. Like their other tripods, these will also be made of aluminum and available in a variety of bright, eye-catching colors.

The new Air tripods will feature their new Hyperlock system, which allows you to adjust an entire leg with just one lock, saving you valuable setup time. Each AIR tripod can also be converted into a selfie stick that offers a spring-loaded adapter for your phone. Add to it the included rechargeable Bluetooth remote, and you have a tripod that is ready for anything.

These new tripods will be available on November 1, 2016; available in MeFOTO's Walkabout, Backpacker, Roadtrip, and GlobeTrotter models. Additional specs and pricing are below. Visit Steve's Camera Store to get yours today.





Closed Length

Min Height

Max Height

Max Height with Center Column Extended

Max Payload

Walkabout Air Monopod


0.9 lbs

13.4 in

13.4 in

59.1 in


22.1 lbs

BackPacker Air Tripod


1.98 lbs

14.4 in

11.2 in


59.5 in

8.8 lbs

RoadTrip Air Tripod


2.5 lbs

15 in

11.4 in


61 in

13.2 lbs

GlobeTrotter Air Tripod


3.2 lbs

16.7 in

12 in


68.1 in

17.6 lbs