ExpoImaging Announces Flexible Flash Cards and Reflectors


Rogue FlashBenders are the latest product to come out of ExpoImaging.  They're designed specifically for the fans of small strobe flashes who use a shoe mount flash.

The cool thing about Rogue FlashBenders is that, as the name suggests, they're bendable.  You can direct light exactly where you need it, and block it exactly where you don't.

"Whether you're a professional or amateur photographer, shooting in-studio or on-location,"  lighting with strobes involves controlling and shaping the light to get the image you want," says ExpoImaging CEO Erik Sowder.  "We believe Rogue FlashBenders represent a leap forward in terms of versatility, control and convenience for anyone shooting with shoe mount flash."

You can get FlashBenders in three different models: a bounce card/flag, a large reflector and a small reflector.    You can pick them all up individually, or as a set for $104.85.