Experience Instagram Photos From Last Year All Over Again

Insta.jpgThere's a lot to love about the iPhone's Instagram photography app. Sharing is easy, checking out the photos your friends is similarly simple, and with the touch of a button you can turn a bad photograph into an artsy one.

Instagram is heavy on the "insta" and low on keeping your photos preserved and at hand to view, which means those photos and those memories are soon forgotten. That's where a new site called AndSevenYearsAgram helps out.

Simply visit the site and enter your Instagram credentials and it'll pull up a photo taken on the same date but a year before. It's a good way to refresh on some very cool photos - or what you thought were good photos last year. The site takes a bit of time to crunch all the data, but once it has you've got a pretty nice site to check back on daily.

(via Gizmodo)