Epson's New Printers Offer Fast, Long Lasting Photographs

Printing photos at home sure is a lot easier than having to run to a shop to do it, but there's almost always something lacking in terms of quality. Epson says that their new printers are able to produce photos that last up to four times longer than those printed in a lab.

The Epson Artisan 837 and 730 use Ultra Hi-Definition ink that Epson says will not only last longer than lab printed photos, but look better too. They're smudge, scratch and fade resistant and print quick - as fast as 10 seconds for a 4" x 6" print.

If you're a smartphone or tablet user, you'll be able to print directly from your device without needing to connect to a computer at all. The 387 kicks things up a touch in terms of productivity by offering high speed copies and faxes.

"Epson Artisan all-in-ones are designed to provide photo enthusiasts with the ultimate creativity tool," says Epson's Gregg Brunnick. "In our ongoing efforts to give consumers performance printing wherever they are, the latest series of Artisan models also offer a range of on-the-go printing capabilities and convenience."

Epson's new printers will be available in September. Pricing for the Artisan 730 is $199 while the 837 runs $299.

Visit Epson's website for more details on the Artisan line of All-in-One printers.