Epson Adds Google Assistant & Siri Voice Activated-Printing Support to Select Printer Models

Epson has announced an expansion of its voice-activated printing feature. As part of the update, compatible printers will now include support for Google Assistant and Siri devices, in addition to previously supported Amazon Alexa products.

"Our customers have overloaded daily routines and are always looking for ways to save time and quickly get errands done," said Jack Rieger, senior product manager of software and user experience, Epson America. "By expanding compatibility with some of the top smart home voice assistants, Epson is committed to making printing and scanning easier and more efficient for all of our busy customers."

With support for Google Assistant, users with a compatible Epson printer and Google Assistant device can now simply ask Google to print items for them with their voice. Likewise, customers with a Siri product can do the same, along with the ability to setup shortcuts for printing and scanning through the Epson iPrint app on iOS devices. With the app, users can take a picture and then simply ask Siri to print it through their Epson printer. Likewise, users can ask Siri to scan documents or even check how much ink they have left.

The Epson voice-activated printing feature is now compatible with the company's EcoTank, WorkForce, and Expression printer models when used in conjunction with a separate Google Assistant, Siri, or Amazon Alexa device.

Source: Epson