Enroute Imaging Announces QuickStitch 2.0

PALO ALTO, Calif., Aug. 9 -- Enroute Imaging, the award-winning creator of innovative digital imaging technologies, today announced QuickStitch 2.0 stitching software which creates wide-screen panoramic photos from a series of scanned or digital images without the need for special lenses.

QuickStitch 2.0 is the only panorama software to simultaneously stitch images bi-directionally (horizontally and vertically) for stunning wide-screen panoramas. It is also the easiest stitching software to learn and use with one click automatic results. Once a series of overlapping photos is loaded onto a desktop computer from a digital camera or scanner, Enroute's QuickStitch then automatically joins them together to form a larger horizontal and/or vertical panoramic image.

New features now in QuickStitch 2.0 include increased output to 6 megapixels for larger images; multi-page print spanning, which allows panoramas to be spanned across multiple output pages for large print outs; QTVR output support for web sites; the ability to re-import previously saved panoramas for changes in format and/or print; and brightness and contrast control.

QuickStitch 2.0 will be available in August for Windows 95/98 directly from Enroute Imaging or through MacMillan Publishing for .95. To order, call 800-946-0135 or visit our web site