Energizer's DUO USB Battery Charger Contains a Trojan

USB battery chargers are a life saver in a lot of situations.  Carrying around a battery charger and searching for an outlet can be a pain, but it's easy to suck a bit of juice from your laptop to get more battery power for your digital camera.  Of course, that's all well and good until that charger starts planting Trojans on your computer.

A Trojan on its own isn't going to harm your computer.  Like the horse from which it takes its name, the Trojan gets into your computer without detection and opens the door for more dangerous invaders.

Liam O Murchu of Symantec posted information on this vulnerability, stating that it's unclear whether the Trojan is intentional or not, but its inclusion is incredibly suspicious.  "I certainly wouldn't want my USB charger to download and execute files without my knowledge, or indeed send my files to a remote location." 

CERT, the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team, has officially issued an advisory on the charger, and offers advice for installation without opening the back door.  If you're technically inclined, you can find more information here.  For now, if you're picking up a USB battery charger, we'd recommend avoiding the Energizer DUO USB.