Easy Release for iPhone Makes Securing Model and Location Rights a Snap

If you've dealt with the release process, you know what a pain it can be. Carrying around paper forms to secure the rights to photograph a particular location or to use a person in your shot is an absolute pain. It's a process that's starting to feel a bit archaic, but ApplicationGap's new Easy Release program takes care of everything electronically.

Robert Giroux is the founder of ApplicationGap, and he's been planning Easy Release for years. During the four years he worked for Getty Images he dreamed of a way to make the process simpler, but there wasn't a device capable of doing it. The iPhone, he says, is perfect.

The process is simple. You can collect signatures right on the phone, and send out PDF copies of the release to you. It's even got a bit of protection built right in. If anyone tries to change the release, the signature is cleared.

"A professional photographer wants to take great pictures," says Giroux, "not hassle models with confusing and timeconsuming paperwork."