DxO Optics Pro Version 7.5.3 adds new Cameras and Optics Modules

Dxo_mp-dop_EN.jpgThanks to an update announced on Wednesday, DxO Optics Pro 7 now supports the Canon EOS Rebel T4i (aka the EOS 650D), Sony SLT-A37, and Sony NEX-F3; and has an impressive list of new Optical Modules designed to support various camera/lens combinations.

Since the previous version, DxO Optics Pro Version 7.5.3 has added more than 300 new DxO Optics Modules, of which 61 are for the Canon EOS T4i and 40 are for the Sony SLT-A37. These modules support additional Canon, Nikkor, Olympus, Panasonic, Sigma, and Sony lenses for numerous Olympus, Nikon, Panasonic, and Sony cameras.

With the additions in this new version, DxO Optics Pro now supports more than 7,500 available camera/lens combinations.

If you're not familiar with DxO Optics Pro, it offers a powerful feature set designed to handle your RAW Conversion, Optical Corrections, Geometric Corrections, and Noise Reduction; along with features that let users easily correct Color, Contrast, and Exposure to get the best of out of their images.

DxO Optics Pro can also leverage the power of OpenCL so that your Video Card's Processor can be used to speed up many tasks, in some cases offering up to 5 times the processing speed you'd get from the CPU alone; when compared to earlier Version 6 releases of DxO Optics Pro. That's a Windows only feature in DxO Optics Pro for now, but we would not be surprised to see the developers adding OpenCL support to the Mac OS X version in the future, too.

We at Steve's expect to see more and more image editing applications using OpenCL going forward, leveraging not only your computer's CPU resources, but its GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) resources as well. OpenCL is a great choice for for that purpose, since it's open source and cross platform, allowing the code used by developers to run on a variety of devices. See more about OpenCL here.

See more about the new additions in DxO Optics Pro version 7.5.3 here.