DxO Optics Pro 7 Available December 30th

DXO-pro7.pngThe latest installment of DxO Optics Pro will be available next week and it brings plenty to the table for those interesting in correcting for optical defects in their cameras and lenses.

DxO's new Lens Softness Tool is designed to correct for the issue of a picture getting softer as it moves away from the sweet spot of the lens. The tool corrects for this, based on the camera and lens you're using, and applies a gradual correction across the image.

Optics Pro 7 boasts a revamped user interface, support for more cameras and lenses and everything you'd expect from the product: RAW conversion, noise reduction, lens corrections and more. It also boasts a fourfold increase in batch processing speed.

You can pick up DxO Optics Pro 7 direct from DxO when it launches on November 30th. You'll get up to $100 if you order before December 24th.