DXO Adds 99 New Optics Modules


When it comes to RAW conversion, the first name that comes to mind is DXO.  Optics Pro 6 is one of the premiere programs for converting RAW files due to its incredibly robust feature set and ability to improve pictures by correcting for distortion and imperfections caused by lenses.

DXO is constantly adding different optics to the library, but this was a particularly large batch, at 99 new lenses.   Nikon and Canon compatible lenses make up the brunt of the list as you might expect, but there are a few in there for Sony and Pentax users too.

If your particular lens isn't currently supported, DXO has added a short term road map that details their tentative schedule for lens addition.  Support for the Pentax K-x, and the Sony A290 and A390 cameras is planned for later this year.