DriveSavers has Recovered 145 Million Images for Professional Photographers of America

Drive Savers.pngThe folks at DriveSavers have hit a milestone in that they've rescued over 145 million images that would otherwise have been lost to the ether. The company founders were thinking ahead when they started their data recovery services 18 years ago when SmartMedia cards were first introduced and they've been moving forward ever since.

DriveSavers has recovered data from any number of extreme cases, including 750 photos from a camera that sat in 60 feet of Alaskan water for three days straight. The service helps to preserve memories of course, but their partnership with Professional Photographers of America means they're helping to save income too.

PPA members receive a discount on the services, and if for some reason nothing is able to be recovered, there's no charge for the attempt. For more info, check out DriveSavers website.