Download Entire Picasa Albums With Open Source Software

If you're a regular Picasa user you know how much of a pain it can be to download a full album to your computer. If you're not, it can be even more frustrating.

Sure, you can register for an account and download Picasa's software, but registering for an account means giving out your information and getting regular emails from the company. It's a pain.

The newly launched Picasa Album Downloader is a free program that will let you download entire albums from Picasa without even having to sign in. It's in the Beta phase at the moment, but it seems quite stable.

If you are a regular Picasa user, the album downloader could come in handy when trying to share your photos with others. This way, your entire family won't have to get accounts just to see your trip to Disney World. They can download the album and watch them without any additional complications.

The Picasa Album Downloader works with Windows, Macs and Linux.