Domino's Ditches Food Artistry and Fancy Photos


There was an ad campaign not too long ago when Domino's actually aired people's complaints about their pizza.  They let potential customers see people saying that the pizza tasted like cardboard and ketchup.  It was a new approach to advertising for Domino's and it worked out well.

If honesty of opinion worked well, the company is hoping that honesty of presentation works even better.  The new campaign is designed to show people real Domino's pizza photos taken by real customers.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the campaign is a YouTube video that goes behind the scenes of a food photo shoot.  It shows a hand model, reveals the secrets of getting pizza looking just right and goes a long way to show some of the secrets of the process.  For example - did you know that pizzas are actually screwed onto the table in commercials?  That's how they get the "cheese pull" just right.

You've also got the opportunity to win $500 from Domino's with your best pizza picture.  It has to be a real pizza, and it has to be a Domino's pizza to qualify.  You can find more info at the new Domino's site Show Us Your Pizza.