DJI Showcases New Flagship Drone for Aerial Video and Photos: the Inspire 2

DJI has just announced a new drone option designed for high quality video and powerful, easy to control flying with the Inspire 2. Lighter and more powerful than the Inspire 1, their new flagship drone can quickly reach speeds of up to 67mph, climb as fast as 20ft. per second and descend at up to 30ft. per second.

A front facing camera gives the pilot a great perspective to fly via the remote control, while another remote works the operation of the main, under-body camera. This allows two operators to effortlessly capture high quality video, while still offering the "pilot" a FPV view.

Finally some intelligent flight modes add some fun and creativity to you work. Tracking and object detection allow the drone to keep subjects centered and in focus, even when the camera reaches it rotation limits. Other modes allow the Inspire 2 to navigate itself while tracking a subject and still avoiding objects in front of it.

CineCore 2.0 is the new image processing system that is featured on the Inspire 2. While processing large files much faster than before, it also allows for the capture of 5.2K video at an astounding 4.2Gbps for Adobe CinemaDNG RAW. Its high-end video compression formats include Adobe CinemaDNG, Apple ProRes 422 HQ (5.2K, 4K) and ProRes 4444 XQ (4K), H.264, and H.265.

For recording the video, the Inspire 2 uses the growing line of DJI Zenmuse cameras, currently supporting the X4S and X5S with additional camera support to come. The Inspire 2 drone (without gimbal or camera) will run $2,999 US.

Visit DJI's website for more details.