DJI Launches New Mavic Air Drone!

DJI mavic air .jpg
It's been a busy few months for DJI, and they're not slowing down now that it's 2018. Today DJI unveiled the newest member of its consumer drone family, the Mavic Air. It's a tiny little drone that kind of fits in between the Mavic Pro and the Spark. It's foldable like the Mavic Pro, but not much bigger than the spark. The Mavic Air features a 3-axis gimbal-stabilized camera with a 1.2/3" 12MP CMOS sensor that can shoot 4K video at 30 fps and record at 100 Mbps.

Key features include:

  • Capture 4K Video and 12MP Photos
  • 3-Axis Gimbal-Stabilized Camera
  • GPS- & Vision Position-Based Navigation
  • 8GB of Internal Storage
  • FlightAutonomy with Obstacle Detection
  • Top Speed of 43 mph in Sport Mode
  • ActiveTrack Subject Tracking Modes
  • Up to 21 Minutes Flight Time
  • Foldable, Portable Body

That's a lot of features for something in such a small package. Here's a video from DJI showing off its shiny new product.

DJI claims that:

"Despite similarities with the Spark and Mavic Pro, the Mavic Air is 
not a derivative machine, nor is it a not-too-big, not-too-small 
Goldilocks-esque glider. Instead, it exists in its own category, an 
adventure drone built with the "traveler and outdoor enthusiast in mind." 

This is tiny and expensive at $799, but it's coming from a company that makes quality drone products. It's not a tiny drone from a startup that has no history. The Mavic Air is a portable, backpack-friendly machine with 21-minutes of flight time with a best-in-class 42 mph top speed. It also has 8GB of internal storage, which is a first for a DJI drone. 

Drones are getting smaller and smaller and the footage is getting better and better. This is a huge range of possibilities. If you're an independent filmmaker and not shooting on Alexa or RED, the quality of this camera might cut together seamlessly with your footage. 

The DJI Mavic Air is available from B&H in multiple colors for $799.