DJI Launches Crystal Sky Monitors for Use with Their Aerial Photo and Video Drones

DJI Crystal Sky.jpgTo make your drone flying easier and more pleasurable outside, DJI has created their own line of monitors exclusively for the DJI GO and DJI GO 4.0 apps. At approx. 4x brighter than most mobile devices, the Crystal Sky monitors can easily be seen in even the brightest of lighting conditions.

H.264 and H.265 video decoding provide smooth, real-time video while flying. A built-in HDMI output allows you to output 4K video to FPV goggles and other video display devices. A two-cell battery provides between 4-6 hours of flying/recording time, depending on the size monitor you have. DJI will offer 7.85-inch and 5.5-inch screens that operate between the temperatures of -4°F to 104°F for use in all weather conditions. A release date and price have not yet been set for these powerful monitors.

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