DJI Upgrades Standard Support Program for Enterprise Customers

DJI has announced a support program upgrade for its Enterprise customers in North America. The improved plan applies to new Mavic 2 Enterprise Zoom, Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual, and Phantom 4 RTK aircraft purchases.

"As the commercial drone industry treads from nascent to mature, support programs are key to speeding industry growth by limiting the financial risks to operators," said Mario Rebello, DJI Vice President and Country Manager of North America. "While beneficial to all our enterprise customers, support programs are critical for the US and Canadian markets, where small, home-grown service providers rely on DJI drones to fulfill the needs of their growing clientele."

As part of the upgrade, the company's standard support package will now include basic repair and replacement coverage for one year after the purchase date. Per DJI's press release, this includes up to two product replacements for any single drone at a small, standard fee.

The updated support program is included in all orders of a Mavic 2 Enterprise Zoom, Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual or Phantom 4 RTK aircraft from DJI Enterprise dealers across the US and Canada starting January 22. With that said, units ordered by dealers before January 22 will not include support for the improved program -- though customers with a previously purchased device still have the option to buy an Enterprise Shield plan. This more advanced program includes unlimited free replacements for drones.

Source: DJI