DIY: Use Pressure Sensitive Plates for Split-Second Photography

DIY Pressure.jpg

Really exciting action can make for really exciting pictures.  It's easy enough to capture when you're outside photographing a sporting event, but when it's just you providing the action and taking the picture it gets tricky fast.

A photographer going by the name of BiOzZ came up with a solution.  In order to take those split second shots - for the example he went upside a peach with a lead pipe - he created a pressure plate that triggers a flash.  It's a bit like that moment in 'Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark,' but without the giant rolling boulder.

It's not the most elegant of setups, and it does require a pitch black environment to work.  The plates don't trigger the camera, just the flash, so you'll need to set your camera up with a long exposure. When the flash hits, your camera captures the image.