DIY: Turning an 18-55mm Lens into a Super Macro

This is quite possibly the most difficult do-it-yourself project we've ever featured on the site, but it's too cool not to talk about.

In this YouTube video, a Russian user demonstrates how he took the 18-55mm lens that comes with Canon cameras and turned it into a super macro lens with a working aperture. It's not a simple process by any means, or a quick one, but the result is impressive.

The process is quite involved and if you're hoping to achieve the same results you'll be cutting wires, soldering, filing down your lens casing, working with epoxy and doing some fairly intensive modifications.

Don't worry about not speaking the language - the video is set to music, and any instructions that aren't conveyed through the action on screen are written in English.

Check out the YouTube channel from Lozzless for the full video and even a few video tests.