DIY: Take Pinhole Camera Pictures With Your DSLR


Here's a fun experiment and it won't cost you much at all. Pinhole cameras don't produce sharp pictures by any stretch of the definition.  They don't zoom, they don't focus, and they don't flash.  They're as basic as a camera gets.  But they're a different way to shoot, and sometimes that's enough.

Stephanie Zettl constructed a pinhole attachment for her DSLR that lets her get the experience, but without the hassle of shooting on film.  She's also created a do-it-yourself guide if you want to recreate the attachment yourself.

All you'll need material wise is a body cap that you don't mind poking a hole in, and a small sheet of metal, such as a piece of a soda can.  It's a bit of a process of trial and error, so don't expect great results your first time out.

"In the end, I was pleased with my results," writes Stephanie.  "It was a great exercise and I plan to go out and play some more with my pinhole camera."