DIY: Sugru Makes for an Impact-Resistant Camera for Kids

Sugru.jpgWe all want our kids to follow in our footsteps in one way or another, and for a lot of us that means sharing our love of photography. It's a bit difficult though, since cameras made for kids tend to be on the junky side, and most of us don't want to put an expensive camera in the hands of someone that isn't ready for it.

One solution to the problem is Sugru - a Play-Doh like substance that dries into a rubbery material. It's a favorite among most DIY communities since it's easy to work with and versatile to boot.

The application in this case is quite simple. Apply Sugru to any part of the camera that could hit the ground when dropped . For most point-and-shoot cameras this would just be the corners and the area around the lens. If the camera has a longer lens, just make the Sugru on the corners a bit thicker.

Check out this video on YouTube to see a Sugru reinforced camera in action.

(via DIY Photography)