DIY: Stereoscopic 3D With One Camera and Four Mirrors

3D Mirrors.jpg

Last week we featured a great way to shoot 3D using a camera and a chemistry stand.  It's a cool setup, but it's only practical for shots of people and objects that aren't going to be moving any time soon.  Today we've got a creation that takes a lot longer to make, but makes shooting so much simpler.

It was made by the user Courtervideo over on Instructables, and it's a little bit complex.  The idea is simple enough though.  You'll be using four mirrors to essentially divide your shot in half.  You'll get two versions of the same image from your camera.

There's quite a bit of work that goes into making the contraption itself, but shooting is as simple as can be.  Set your camera up and snap away.

Courtervideo has been using an old school stereopticon to check out his pictures, but you could just as easily use post processing to make them compatible with stereoscopic or anaglyph 3D.