DIY: Replace Your Flash Tripods with Lighter, Cheaper Ultralight Stands

Flash Tripod.jpg
Those big clunky flash tripods have their place.  When you're outside on a windy day, or shooting in an uncontrolled environment, you want something big that'll stand up to the punishment.  When you're inside though, or travelling, these custom flash tripods may be the perfect setup.

Swedish photographer Peter Karlsson has come up with a way to create a flash stand that's not only cheaper and lighter than traditional stands, but easier to set up to boot.   They're essentially created from tent poles, though they look much more elegant than the traditional do-it-yourself project.

There's something to be said about the style of the instructional video too.  Most instructional videos are difficult to get through, but the one supplied by Karlsson is artfully shot and is accompanied by a beautiful piano piece.

You can find the instructions, example photos and plenty of commentary over at Karlsson's site.