DIY: Need Cheap Light Stands? Use a Stick in a Can!


Photography is an expensive hobby.  You've got a camera and lenses to buy, but that's just the start.  You'll need a bag, a hard case, storage cards and plenty else.  Lights are an expense that's hard to do without, but you can get away with saving some money on stands thanks to the latest from DIY Photography.

If you're looking for something to clamp lights to, you won't find a cheaper solution than the old "stick in a can."  It's not a deceptive name either, it's really as simple as a stick, a can, and some cement.

You'll want to use an old coffee can, or a larger bulk-food style can if you're making a bigger stand.  From there on it's nice and easy.  Measure out a place to put a long flat piece of wood, make sure it's nice and even and then screw it in.  Once that's done, add cement and you're good to go.

It's not the most elegant solution, but it works and it's dirt cheap - free if you've got the materials lying around.  It can also be modified to work as an overhead lighting system, and if you're looking for something bigger you can always switch up the formula to use a bucket and a nice long two by four.