DIY: Make a Snoot From a Coke Bottle

Our second bottle related news piece of the day - who would have thought we'd ever be able to say that? - comes from DIY Photography. They have a tutorial up on how to create a snoot using a 20oz. bottle of Coke; or any other soft drink.

The assembly of this snoot is quick, easy, and requires almost zero know-how. As long as you can cut a plastic bottle and use tape, you should be able to put it together pretty simply. It's an easy project and a great way to experiment a bit with light.

The spread from the Coke bottle snoot is going to be incredibly tight because of the small opening for light. Of course, the top of a Coke bottle is angled, so all you need to do to adjust the light coming out is to cut further down the bottle for a larger opening. What a project, you get to enjoy an ice cold Pop, and then make a cool flash accessory!