DIY: Make a Camera Grip Out of A Bike Handle

BMX Grip.jpg

Shooting video with a DSLR can be frustrating.  The standard camera grip is fine for shooting photos, but when the camera starts moving around to capture video, you can get your hand and wrist into some very uncomfortable positions.

Over at Instructables, user "fungus amungus" has devised a way to use an old BMX bike grip as a grip for a camera.  It's essentially as easy as fitting a dowel into the grip, inserting a screw into the dowel and then cutting the screw so you can use it to screw into the tripod mount.

It's not going to fundamentally change your shooting -it's not a steadycam after all - but it's a nice setup for cameras like the Flip Mino HD we're giving away to one of our Facebook fans.  You can find the full instructions for the mount at Instructables.