DIY: Learn How to Take Great Pictures of the Surf

Wave Photography.jpg

Summertime and photography go great together, especially if you don't mind getting wet.  You can capture some absolutely stunning images of waves from the inside - as long as you know how.

DIY Photography has posted an excellent primer on the subject.  It was written by 22 year old Dane Grady, who also provides some stunning examples of the photos you can take.  Gear comes first of course.  You'll need the right camera, lens and a surf resistant housing.  After that, it's time to jump in.

Grady recommends shooting at a beach with a nice sandbar that produces large 'hollow' waves.  He also says that mid-morning shots make for the most vibrant photos while evenings are best for the dramatic.  "Cloudy days," he adds, "don't work in our favor."

The guide also gives advice on positioning yourself, choosing an exposure and a few other challenges you may run into along the way.