DIY: How to Make a Wall of Fire

Wall of Fire.jpgWe've posted plenty of DIY tutorials before, and while they've been interesting and useful, this one takes the cake for awesomeness. Photographer Barry Elder has put up instructions on the creation of a wall of fire. That's right, a wall of fire.

The technique seems to be fairly dangerous, and there are a few simple things that could be done to make it a bit safer, but whatever changes you make, you'll still be playing with fire. So be sensible and be safe - we don't want anyone getting burned.

That being said, here's a quick rundown. You're going to take a rope or a long strap and soak it in gasoline. One end of this gets tied to a stick and the rest of the rope will hang freely. Light the rope on fire, open the shutter on your camera, walk around the area where you want fire to appear in your picture, extinguish the rope and close the shutter. At the end you'll have a very cool looking effect.

Now, keep in mind you'll have to give this a few goes to find the exact settings for your camera, and that this is best done with one or two assistants. A remote trigger couldn't hurt either.

For the full tutorial, check out DIY Photography.